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More On Prishe In Dissidia 012

More On Prishe In Dissidia 012

Written by Colin — 04 Feb 2011

More details on Final Fantasy XI's Prishe in Square Enix's PSP brawler mashup, Dissidia 012, has surfaced on the web. We caught a quick glimpse of Prishe in the most recent trailer and, for the record, nobody recognized her except for Darryl.

Jump Magazine has once again formally confirmed Prishe as a playable character. Like Tifa, Prishe is a monk class character, but she's got some powerful white magic abilities up her sleeve as well.

In addition, Jump also revealed that an exclusive downloadable outfit for Squall will be released alongside the April edition of V-Jump. Meanwhile, Vaan's third costume has been confirmed to be his Final Fantasy Tactics A-2 attire.

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