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Currently No Plans For Dissidia On NGP Or Home Consoles, Says Dissidia's Director

Currently No Plans For Dissidia On NGP Or Home Consoles, Says Dissidia's Director

Written by Colin — 10 Feb 2011

Square Enix is set to release Dissidia 012, the follow up to the original 2009 mash up RPG brawler, on the PSP. But what about home consoles and the recently revealed Next Generation Portable (NGP)?

Speaking in an interview with VG247, game director Mitsunori Takahashi revealed that there are currently no plans on a Dissidia title for the NGP, saying that since the team was already familiar with the hardware, it was the best platform solution for Dissidia 012.

"We have no actual plans for the PSP2 console at the moment. We decided to create Dissidia 012 on the PSP because we wanted to create a high quality game in a short space of time. So considering that, we thought PSP, a console we are familiar with already, was the most appropriate console."

Takahashi also noted that there isn't any particular reason why the game was not brought to home consoles this generation, again emphasizing that the team was more familiar with the PSP and a suitable work environment was already set up.

However, he adds: "There is no reason why we won't do it in the future; we're just waiting on the feedback from the players. If there is a voice for Dissidia on home consoles then we'll consider it."

So, if you're one of those who have a burning, insatiable desire to to see a Dissidia game on home consoles, you might want to start being more vocal about it.

Read the full interview at VG247.

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