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Famitsu Talks Dungeons In Dissidia 012

Famitsu Talks Dungeons In Dissidia 012

Written by Colin — 12 Feb 2011

Looks like we have yet to see the last of the chess board system seen in the original Dissidia. Although Square Enix confirmed that they were replacing the overall story progression system with a world map, we'll be seeing bits and pieces of the chess board in Dissidia 012's dungeons.

Famitsu noted that while the game is played out on a world map, there are a variety of gates that will warp you into dungeons. It doesn't sound all that dissimilar to instances in World of Warcraft. In any case, dungeons are played out using these chess boards, with your goal being to reach the end of the dungeon.

KP, or Kupo, are earned in these dungeons and can be used to purchase items from Moogles in the game. Prior to warping through a gate, you'll be privy to the information and criteria for clearing the dungeon. There's also a bit called Bonus Level whereby clearing dungeons below a specified level will yield bonus KP. You'll be able to temporarily lower your level as well if you happened to grind too much.

Source: Andriasang