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Dissidia 012: More Info On Gilgamesh

Dissidia 012: More Info On Gilgamesh

Written by Colin — 23 Feb 2011

More details on Gilgamesh have surfaced from Dengeki Online. According to the information, Gilgamesh is regarded as a "scramble fighter," and as rumoured before, he uses a different weapon each time he strikes, so neither Gilgamesh nor the player actually know whats weapon he'll use next.

One of Gilgamesh's ability is called Rocket Punch, a long range attack that's both fast and has the ability to home in on your opponent. In addition, in EX mode Gilgamesh will have all eight of his arms out when performing Rocket Punch. Gilgamesh is a bit of comic relief with even his attacks being somewhat comical: one of his weapons is the Excalipoor and it only deals one point of damage.

As for his costumes, Gilgamesh's Another Form has his face wrapped up in a turban while his Third Form is based on pixel art with him wearing full-on armour.

Thanks RedRose.

Source: Siliconera