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Taking A Look At Dissidia Duodecim's Labyrinth Mode

Taking A Look At Dissidia Duodecim's Labyrinth Mode

Written by Darryl — 01 Mar 2011

Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy is out next week in Japan, and Famitsu has taken the time to detail some of the game's new features - one of which is Labyrinth Mode.

On face value, it seems as though it's the spiritual successor to Colosseum Mode, which appeared in the original Dissidia. You make use of cards to make your way through a dungeon, fighting battles and obtaining equipment as you progress.

The further into the labyrinth you get, the rarer the items you'll be able to find. So there's a definite risk/reward element to the gameplay here. If you die, you lose all of the items you've collected, so you'll need to know when to quit.

Above is an example of how Labyrinth Mode will look. You'll notice that you can see your current location, where you need to get to, and where you started (S). Green and Purple zones, which don't appear in this version, give you the opportunity to use tents and cottages.

It seems like it will be an interesting addition which should give the game some more legs. Who knows, we might see that "lifetime of gameplay" that we were promised in the original Dissidia.

Source: Andriasang

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