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Dissidia 012 Gets Some More DLC

Dissidia 012 Gets Some More DLC

Written by Alex — 04 Mar 2011

A lot of new downloadable content has been added for the release of Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy and not all of it is for the game itself. And the best part I that most of it's free!

First off, a new costume for the Warrior of Light known as the 'Nameless Warrior' has been added, he has the same costume as his original form minus his helmet which is not much of a change.

Next we have some new PSP themes which can be downloaded from the official site ( They are themed around an era of Final Fantasy. The two available are themed around the 8-Bit era (I, II and III) and the 16-Bit Era (IV, V and VI). Both of these look pretty nice and are a nice way of remembering how these characters originally looked like.

Also under the DLC Section of the official site is some PC Wallpapers, these are not images we haven't seen. There are two wallpapers, one has the cosmos characters and the other has the chaos characters.

It was announced that an exclusive bonus would be given to Square Enix Members Mobile portal site. On March 24, members can download five tracks from the 1987 Final Fantasy, these tracks include: Airship, Battle Scene, Cornelia Castle, Menu Screen and Chaos Shrine.

Lastly, it was announced that when you buy a first print copy of the upcoming Final Fantasy IV Ultimate Collection for PSP, you'll receive a code to be able to download another costume for Cecil. This is called the 'Deform Image' Costume, this costume looks like a 3D representation of the original Cecil sprites.

Source: Andriasang