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Dissidia 012 Hits Stores This Week

Dissidia 012 Hits Stores This Week

Written by Colin — 20 Mar 2011

Alrighty folks, it's been a while since FFU was properly updated, but we've been busy working on a number of things, including getting the comments system back on track. Just wanted to shout out a reminder that Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy finally hits stores later this coming week, on Tuesday in North America and Friday in Europe.

If you're lucky enough to be in the UK, you can get your hands on the Legacy Edition for the same price. It includes in-game bonus content like the exclusive outfits for Tifa and Squall, as well as six lithograph prints of the new heroes.

Prologus is out on PSN, if you haven't already acquired it. It runs at $2.99 and follows Lightning prior to the events of Duodecim. The story, dubbed The Twelfth Cycle, is rather short and you're not really missing out on anything. However, the arcade mode provides more than enough content for the $2.99 price tag, giving players the chance to try out Lightning and Kain as well as a few previously established characters through a series of random arcade battles.

Don't forget, you unlock Aerith when you purchase Prologus as well.

And that's all folks, we'll hopefully be back in full swing soon. Although with Dissidia 012 out, I wonder what news we can look forward to now that Square Enix has gone underground with Versus, Type-0 and XIII-2 yet again.