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Type-0 Delayed Until Fall, Square Enix Looking Into Overseas Release

Type-0 Delayed Until Fall, Square Enix Looking Into Overseas Release

Written by Colin — 05 Jul 2011

Famitsu outlined some bad news from Square Enix. The company have said that development on Final Fantasy Type-0 is roughly 80 percent complete, but the game probably won't see release until this Fall. Type-0 was previously scheduled for a Summer release in Japan. Still no word on a Western release.

Aside from the delay, Famitsu has also noted some new details, as transcribed by FF-Reunion. Type-0 has an approximate playtime of 30 to 40 hours and well over 100 hours for those that play it completely. Square Enix are currently busy working out the ad-hoc multiplayer, which hit a snag during the PSN outage and is one of the reasons for the delay. In addition, what's interesting to note is that the game will feature some mechanics most often seen in the fighting genre with games like Street Fighter: cancelling moves.

The basic control setup has standard attacks mapped to the Triangle button, while magic and abilities are mapped to the Square button. The X button is used for defensive abilities while holding down the L button and moving the analog nub at the same time will perform a character change.

Square Enix is also considering a PSN release as well as a Western release according to Tetsuya Nomura, although no further details have been released. The final game features 14 main characters. Apparently there were 40 at one point in development. Other titbits include a supposedly sexy Shiva, as well as the Peristyliums being a reference to FFVIII. According to Andriasang, weapons and abilities will be affected by the weather. Shiva will be more powerful in colder climates and the range of firearms affected by bad weather.

Despite the disappointing news, a playable Type-0 demo will be open to the public at an event in Odaiba on July 16. Famitsu mentions a music tie-in for the title as well, but didn't specify the name of the artist.

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Source: FF-Reunion