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Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Surfaces In Japan For Nintendo 3DS

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Surfaces In Japan For Nintendo 3DS

Written by Darryl — 06 Jul 2011

The latest edition of Jump Magazine in Japan featured some rather interesting information - it revealed a new Final Fantasy game for the Nintendo 3DS.

The game will be called Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy and has a logo that looks rather similar to Dissidia: Final Fantasy. The only difference is that this one is in chibi style; chibi Chaos looks... odd.

As the name suggests, the game will be a theatrical rhythm game. Perhaps they decided that weird names just weren't cutting the mustard, so they threw creativity out the window.

The report claims that the game will be like any other Final Fantasy title, as there will be dungeons and towns. The battles will also resemble an older style too, with a side-on perspective. However, to fight, you have to tap the screen to go along with prompts.

In the only image released so far, we saw a chibi Behemoth fighting against a chibi Cloud and chibi Lightning.

There's no prospective release date thus far, but it's going to release on the Nintendo 3DS exclusively. (apologies for the crappy image!)

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