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Dengeki Details Theatrhythm Music Gameplay

Dengeki Details Theatrhythm Music Gameplay

Written by Colin — 12 Jul 2011

So we got a glimpse of Theatrhythm's prologue as well as some confirmed music tracks earlier yesterday (For that, see this story). The space between Cosmos and Chaos is once again up in arms as the crystal that fills the world with lovely tunes has been shattered by the forces of Chaos. Dengeki PlayStation has since published the first details on how the game actually plays.

According to the magazine, Theatrhythm has three modes of play, Music Game, SpotPass and Museum. Music Game has three categories, Series, Challenge and one more unknown mode.

The game is played by tapping, holding and sliding icons, not unlike other music games like Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove or Ouendan (Elite Beat Agents). Red icons require a brief tap, Yellow icons require sliding in a given direction and Green means touching and holding down on the screen.

As for the various stages of gameplay like Field, Battle and Event, the magazine talks about Field and Battle, revealing that when playing in the field, the difficulty and tempo is not as high. Field mode also features more calming music, the kind you'll expect from exploring an overworld or dungeon, much like Ahead on our Way from FFVII or The Sunleth Waterscape from FFXIII. Battle's a bit tougher, tossing four lines of rhythm as well as a higher tempo at players.

Source: Andriasang