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Famitsu & Nomura Talks Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Famitsu & Nomura Talks Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Written by Colin — 12 Jul 2011

As mentioned earlier last week, Famitsu have a feature with Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura on Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The last we heard and saw of the game was earlier in the year at Square Enix's 1st Production Department Premiere Event.

In the interview, Nomura talked about a number of things, including the new lighting engine, controllable cut-scenes and a new batch of screenshots. Nomura mentions something about taking inspiration from popular first person shooters in regards to cut-scenes where they do not break the flow of gameplay. Cut-scenes can also be controlled. How? Nomura doesn't say exactly, but you can imagine by taking a page out of the Metal Gear games.

Speaking of cut-scenes, previous Final Fantasies have mixed between pre-rendered and real-time events. These real-time events used models with a higher poly-count compared to the actual in-game models, but with Versus XIII, they have "unified" the models, with the only real difference in quality being the hair. Takeshi Nozue is also on staff to help with the visuals, specifically the lighting.

Nomura also showed Famitsu three new screenshots, which will not be shown to the public, and the editors were pretty amazed by the graphical quality of them, to the point of even doubting that the screenshots were taken in real-time. One screenshot showed off an area which looked like an arcade, the other two screenshots were of Noctis in a city at different times, one at noon and one at night.

Voice acting is also being done with Noctis and his buddies actually recording simultaneously during one session in order to get the effect of a realistic conversation taking place.

Other titbits include a dynamic battle system that will change things up to keep the gameplay fresh - that's as obscure a description as any - and that players will be able to snap photos whenever during the game with Noctis' phone, of which there'll be a real-world counterpart not unlike the Advent Children FOMA that was released alongside the movie.

Nomura wouldn't say when he'll be able to share more information, but apologizes to fans for making them wait so long. The next update is said to be for more substantial.