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Final Fantasy XIII-2 : Disc Count, Blood Damage, Time Paradoxes and More

Final Fantasy XIII-2 : Disc Count,  Blood Damage, Time Paradoxes and More

Written by Banaz — 28 Sep 2011

Famitsu conducts an interview with with director Motomu Toriyama, battle director Yusuke Matsui, and character designer Tetsuya Nomura on the upcoming title, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and they reveal quite a few interesting tidbits regarding both the story and gameplay of the game.

First off, a bit of background info about Serah. In the Tokyo Game Show trailer, it shows Serah reuniting with Snow for the first time in two years. Everyone, including Snow, believes that Lightning is either dead or returned to crystal form while Serah firmly believes that Lightning is alive. Despite of what he said, Snow believes Serah and leaves her behind in New Bodhum in persuit of finding Lightning. It's been a while since Snow has left so when Noel appears on the scene, Serah takes her chance to go and find Lightning herself.

Time Paradoxes, again, are said to be very significant in the game, both story and gameplay wise. As a result of a time paradox, Lightning doesn't exist in the world, with only Serah being the only one who remembers her. It's confirmed that the time paradoxes have only begun at the end of Final Fantasy XIII, so in other words, we won't be able to visit a time before that point.

In the interview, there's been some more coverage on characters. The older Hope that you've seen in the trailers is 24 years old and is a leader of a group called Academy, that is researching for energy in the absence of fal'cie. And since he's been involved in this research, he knows that Serah is traveling through time.

Kaias is the villian who, like Noel, is from the future and is causing some trouble in both Valhalla, the world where Lightning now resides, and New Bodhum where the rest of the cast exists. Yuru is the girl who accompanies him and is said to be a major character in the game.

Noel is from a world of very few people, and this is the reason why he has a fragmented way of speaking and is happy meeting people. And due to time paradoxes, he has a very faint memory and isn't sure if something major has happened in his time.

And the very last thing that is brought to our attention is that in the trailers, you see some black smoke surrounding Lightning and Noel; this is known as "Chaos." There are no other details about it other than it has something to do with Valhalla.

A new incorporation in Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the inclusion of monsters in your party. Aside from the basic monsters, there are some rare monsters in the game, either that you encounter them rarely or they're difficult to capture. You won't be able to capture any giant monsters. Different monsters have different difficulties in terms of commands, however even if you fail the commands, the monster will still attack, however with not as much damage.

There's still a presence of the Crystarium system. But unlike Final Fantasy XIII, where there was a limit as to how far you level up as you go on through the story, in Final Fantasy XIII-2 there are no level limits. So you can level up your character to a great extent from the start of the game.

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, you have the freedom of freely changing your party leader during battle. And if your party leader dies, instead of losing the battle, you are redirected to playing as another character. There's a new concept called Blood Damage, where you lose a portion of your max HP, but unlike regular damage, you can't recover from it.

In the new "Paradigm Tune" system, you can assign attack AI routines such as "normal," "concentrated," and "scattered."

Lastly, both the PS3 and Xbox versions of Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released on just one disc (unlike Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox 360, the game had multiple disks). So why does the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 have less discs then Final Fantasy XIII? Is there less content in this game? Director Motomu Toriyama says that this game has the same volume as of Final Fantasy XIII, but since the events are in real time, they're able to fit everything with less space.

Look forward to Final Fantasy XIII-2's release in Japan on December 15, North America on January 31, 2012, and Europe on February 3, 2012.

Source: Andriasang