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Nomura: It's Finally Versus' Turn After Type-0

Nomura: It's Finally Versus' Turn After Type-0

Written by Colin — 25 Oct 2011

Final Fantasy Versus XIII director and character designer Tetsuya Nomura candidly mentioned the elusive action RPG in an interview conducted by Dengeki PlayStation, saying it'll finally be Versus' turn once Final Fantasy Type-0 is released in Japan.

Nomura and his team have been quite silent regarding the development of the highly anticipated title, revealing bits and bobs of information exclusively to the Japanese media. Only recently did we learn details of Versus entering full production and the technology it employs.

Nomura expressed his excitement over the matter, although he also said he won't feel a sense of completion in regards to Type-0's development until the game is in the hands of players.

Source: Andriasang