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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Sub Characters and Summons

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Sub Characters and Summons

Written by Banaz — 13 Nov 2011

It's been a while since its appearance at TGS 2011 but Theatrhythm Final Fantasy has surfaced yet again in the latest issue of Jump.

Featured in this issue, Jump reveals that besides the few main characters that we've already seen like Warrior of Light and Lightning, the game will have sub characters. These special characters are only available by collecting Crystal Fragments. Once you've unlocked them, you're able to add them to your party just like the regular characters.

So far, the sub character list includes:

-Snow [Final Fantasy XIII]
-Prishe [Final Fantasy XI]
-Vivi [Final Fantasy IX]
-Aerith [Final Fantasy VII]
-Faris [Final Fantasy V]
-Cid [Final Fantasy III]
-Princess Sara [Final Fantasy I]

Just like the other Final Fantasy games, you also have the ability to summon in Theatrhythm. Odin and Bahamut are the only summons revealed so far.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is expected to be released in Japan sometime during the winter.

Source: Andriasang