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Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Special Trailer

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Special Trailer

Written by Colin — 27 Jan 2012

Here's a lovely special trailer of Square Enix's upcoming 3DS rhythm game Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy. The trailer showcases the game's various modes, which are Field, Battle and Event respectively.

Each mode features a number of classic Final Fantasy music tracks and unique game mechanics. As seen in the trailer, Field mode is the calmest of all three modes, with Battle looking to be the most intense and Event being a special mode featuring each Final Fantasy's character and story themes.

The game is being developed by indieszero and it shares a lot of similarities to other popular rhythm games on the market such as Ouendan (Elite Beat Agents), DJ Max and Project Diva to a certain extent. It's certainly an interesting branch and, combined with Final Fantasy's top quality scores, may prove to be a fun experience.

Theatrhythm's out February 16 in Japan. No date for North America or Europe. Yet.

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