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Toriyama Revives Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII

Toriyama Revives Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII

Written by Darryl — 01 Apr 2012

Motomu Toriyama, one of the main visionaries behind Final Fantasy XIII, has revealed to the Japanese press that Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII is very much alive, and has been for many years. In fact, the trademark expiration was just to put people off the scent.

When speaking to Japanese publication Famitsu, who had the first glimpse of the game, Toriyama said "I'm very happy to finally reveal this game after keeping it secret for so long. It's a core part of Square Enix's continued growth strategy and will further the Fabula Nova Crystallis franchise like nothing you've seen before. That's why we had to let the trademark expire, so people would stop nosing around."

Indeed, the title is going to be very experimental. Lightning will return as the main character yet again, but the game will now be a third-person shooter, with an upgrade system that will allow Lightning to augment her body.

"When we looked at the poor sales of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in the West, we couldn't help but be confused," continued Toriyama. "We addressed all the feedback and made a game that had everything they wanted, but they still didn't want it.

"We had no choice but to look at some of our other games, like Deus Ex, and felt this was clearly the way to go."

Toriyama also revealed that the title would be an Xbox 360 exclusive, highlighting poor sales of Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the system, while also referencing strong sales of Deus Ex.

"We've been taking vast quantities of money from Microsoft for a while now, with the idea of exposing Xbox 360 gamers to a different type of game. It just hasn't worked, and Microsoft are demanding a return on their continued investment. We've also started to lose our core fans as a result.

"We felt the best course of action was to just cut the core fan base loose and try to start fresh with the Xbox 360 community. That's what we believe Haeresis will do, and with Microsoft's continued support, we believe this can be realised."

Toriyama did point out any of their legacy fans who still cared about the company still had Versus XIII to look forward to, but gave a pretty negative outlook on the game's future.

"I heard that Nomura is still working on that [Versus XIII], but I don't know why he's bothering. Our future isn't with those types of games, they don't make money. Final Fantasy XIII-2 was a big lesson for us and we can't afford to mess up like that again."

No release date was offered by Toriyama, nor did he say that the game would be shown any time soon. However, he did promise that we'd be wowed by what we see, when they decide to show it.

"I'm not sure what Japanese gamers will think, I don't really care. What's important is that I know Western gamers will be blown away. This game has the potential to revolutionise the gaming industry and make Square Enix relevant again - think Dirge of Cerberus, mixed with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The possibilities are truly endless."

THIS IS NOT REAL: This was a fictional piece of news created for April Fool's day! Apologies if anyone was offended, it was just our way of having a little bit of fun. ^_^

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