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Nomura: No Final Fantasy VII Anytime Soon

Nomura: No Final Fantasy VII Anytime Soon

Written by Banaz — 16 May 2012

As a part of their anniversary feature on Final Fantasy VII, Famitsu got down in an interview with character designer designer Tetsuya Nomura.

Within the interview Nomura reveals that they really would like to work on a remake for Final Fantasy VII, however they don't plan on doing that any time soon. Instead he plans to focus on making newer titles, trying to make ones that apparently match or even top off Final Fantasy VII.

Nomura also stated that he believes that producer Yoshinori Kitase is the true successor to the Final Fantasy series.

So with this bit of disheartening news, do you think we'll ever get to see a remake of the esteemed game in our time? Do you agree with Nomura's opinion of focusing on creating newer titles? And would you think it's possible for any of these newer titles to match or even outmatch Final Fantasy VII? Be sure to state your thoughts and feelings below.

Source: Andriasang