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Final Fantasy Versus XIII Might Be Cancelled

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Might Be Cancelled

Written by Alex — 20 Jul 2012

Final Fantasy Versus XIII, a game which has been in development for over six years, could be cancelled. There is no official news to confirm this yet, but it looks likely.

Many sources have told Kotaku that the game as it was originally intended is dead. Square Enix would probably let Versus die quietly without making a public announcement about it as to reduce the risk of impacting stock prices.

One other source that Kotaku has heard from has said that Square Enix are now focusing development on the unconfirmed Final Fantasy XV. It is currently unclear if this means carrying over development staff or code from Versus XIII.

In the last year, Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been barely mentioned. There hasn't been any new trailers and the game has been missing from Square Enix's E3 and Tokyo Game Show lineups. Since 2006, the game has had little to show for itself.

So, the big question now remains with the next numbered title, Final Fantasy XV. Will it be the re-branding of Versus XIII like Type-0, Agn's Philosophy, or something else entirely? Maybe the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event on September 1st will give more answers̢

Source: Kotaku