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Final Fantasy X HD News Coming 'Soon'

Final Fantasy X HD News Coming 'Soon'

Written by Darryl — 14 Jan 2013

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the Final Fantasy X HD remake had disappeared off the face of the planet. After all, it's been an awful long time since we heard anything about it.

That may continue to be the case, but at least Square Enix Europe seem to be aware of our need for information! When responding to a tweet from a user about this very subject, Square Enix Europe said that "The world will get answers soon, we promise."

Unfortunately, Square Enix kind of doubled back on this statement the next day by saying that there wouldn't be any announcements soon, but that they understand our hunger.

So, that means it was nothing more than a bit of a tease, but at least Square Enix accept that we're looking for more information.

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