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Square Enix Tease Final Fantasy X HD Again

Square Enix Tease Final Fantasy X HD Again

Written by Darryl — 19 Feb 2013

We've all been on the edge of our seats recently, waiting for any kind of news about the Final Fantasy X HD Remake or the PlayStation Vita and PS3. Yesterday, we got some.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the kind of news people had been waiting for. During a Sony stream event for the PlayStation Vita, Shinji Hashimoto was featured - his job was to talk about Final Fantasy X HD.

What did he do? Some HD renders of Yuna and Tidus. No actual gameplay footage. He also said that we should expect more "soon".

It seems at this point as though the words "soon" and "patience" have become too much of a staple in dictionaries at Square Enix.

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