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Tetsuya Nomura Issues New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Update

Tetsuya Nomura Issues New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Update

Written by Darryl — 17 Apr 2013

Tetsuya Nomura has given an update on the status of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, stating that Square Enix know internally when the next reveal of information will be.

The news came as Nomura guested on the first episode of the Square Enix Merchandise Radio podcast. He said "The date for our next reveal is set and we are working toward preparing information for that moment."

Nomura also went on to say that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is "a delicate situation within the company." Not surprising considering the game has been in development for so long.

Being as cryptic as ever, Nomura touched on what would be offered up in the next reveal by saying "Perhaps the details as to why information couldn't be released might be touched upon with the next information announcement."

We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed for a more concrete reveal of information soon. Who knows, we might even get a release date.

Source: Square Enix Shop

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