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Japan Gets Final Fantasy XIII-2 Digital Contents Edition

Japan Gets Final Fantasy XIII-2 Digital Contents Edition

Written by Darryl — 13 May 2013

So, it turns out that Square Enix are releasing a massive bumper edition of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in Japan.

It'll be called the Digital Contents Edition and will include all of the major Coliseum Opponents (like Lightning, Jihl Nabaat and Gilgamesh), the majority of the Final Fantasy-specific costumes (including the White/Black Mage), some weapons and the Sazh, Lightning and Snow DLC Episodes.

It'll cost 5,040 Yen when it releases on the 16th of July, 2013. However, Square Enix are allowing you to download all of this DLC for 2,100 Yen if you already own the original version.

They will also be releasing a Ultimate Hits edition, which will include some of the downloadable content. This will come in at the reduced price of 2,940 Yen.

Source: Gaming Union

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