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Kitase Talks Original Concept For Final Fantasy X And More

Kitase Talks Original Concept For Final Fantasy X And More

Written by Lauren — 12 Nov 2013

Only about a month and a half left until the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster comes out in Japan and Yoshinori Kitase has sat down to discuss some interesting information regarding the game's original development.

According to Kitase, originally the Final Fantasy X story was centered around this world where no one lived past 17. How or why wasn't explained in the interview, however, if you played Final Fantasy X, you know this idea evolved into Yuna's story.

Also, Kitase mentioned that the inspiration for Blitzball was a combination of two things. One was that they wanted to create a sport like pod racing in Star Wars, but a majority of the inspiration came from the World Championships game that was going on at the time between Japan and South Korea.

Unfortunately, we didn't get much of an answer regarding trophies in the game, however, Kitase did explain why they chose to go with a more linear plotline in Final Fantasy X. They apparently wanted to go away from the classic world exploration offered in previous Final Fantasy titles and chose to add more mini games instead.

Finally Kitase mentioned that a bit about the new bonus ending in the HD Remaster. He mentioned how it is not meant to depict a particular event, but show a glimpse into the characters' lives after the events of X-2. This is also why they chose an audio drama opposed to having a regular cutscene.

What are your thoughts on what Kitase had to say? Would you rather have had a FFX game that had lots of world exploration? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Siliconera

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