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Final Fantasy VII Concert Premiering This June

Final Fantasy VII Concert Premiering This June

Written by Lauren — 23 Apr 2014

Final Fantasy VII fans can at last have their fill of FFVII music with the Final Fantasy VII symphony concert that will premiere in Tokyo this summer.

Unlike the Distant Worlds concert, this will be focused on Final Fantasy VII only with the intention of retelling the game's story through music.

The concert will be the first of the Game Symphony Japan concert series and Nobuo Uematsu will be in attendance with Kenichi Shimura conducting.

As reported by 4Gamer, the concert will take place on June 21st at the Suntory Hall in Tokyo's Akasaka district. No word on whether or not this type of concert will be performed outside of Japan, but hopefully if there's enough interest, they'll consider it at least.

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Source: 4Gamer

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