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New Final Fantasy XV Information Released Thanks To Xbox One and PS4 Sites

New Final Fantasy XV Information Released Thanks To Xbox One and PS4 Sites

Written by Lauren — 28 Apr 2014

The Xbox One has yet to release in Japan and won't do until September this year. What was meant to be a simple update of information on the Microsoft Japan website, turned into a small leak of Final Fantasy XV information.

"Final Fantasy XV features a high action system unprecedented in the series," it states. "the party battle system is now more advanced, allowing you to enjoy party battle by switching characters more strategically."

The site also let out some information regarding the game's story stating, ""As the royal heir of Lucis who has the last crystal in the world, the main character Noctis and his friends will suddenly be involved in the war."

But Microsoft wasn't the only company letting information out of the bag. Sony also updated their website with information regarding Final Fantasy XV, however, their's was completely different from the Xbox One's description.

The PlayStation 4 site stated that Final Fantasy XV "switches seamlessly from the field to battle and the combat situation evolves rapidly. It goes on quickly with a sense of full realism."

Not only that, they've also revealed that Noctis will not be the only hero and that you will be able to perform combination attacks with companions.

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Source: Dualshockers

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