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Final Fantasy Explorers To Be Released In Japan This Winter

Final Fantasy Explorers To Be Released In Japan This Winter

Written by Lauren — 11 Jul 2014

After presenting the game's first trailer at Nintendo 3DS Direct, Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy Explorers will be releasing in Japan this Winter.

Square Enix opened their trailer with a nice little 16-bit battle sequence with some old fashioned Final Fantasy characters fighting some fiends. Upon summoning Ifrit, the trailer changes over to the more modern 3DS graphics with Ifrit looking more like the Ifrit we know and love today.

The trailer features a few battle sequences which look a lot like the Final Fantasy XIV style game play and they even show us tiny glimpses of the other Summons that'll be featured and the job classes.

Still no word on when or even if we'll see this game in the West, but hopefully we'll be getting more information on this soon. You can check out the trailer below. Special thanks to Final Fantasy Network for the clip! :

Source: Final Fantasy Network

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