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New Summons, Classes, and More In Latest Explorers Screenshots

New Summons, Classes, and More In Latest Explorers Screenshots

Written by Lauren — 24 Oct 2014

Final Fantasy Explorers' official website has been updated with a ton of new screenshots and information for some new classes, summon bosses, and more.

For classes, Square Enix have announced the Engineer class where players can shoot enemies and induce status effects on them. Also you can see the Red Mage class who can deal both physical and magical damage. Finally there's a preview of the Bard class who can use songs to induce status effects.

Yuna, Tidus, and Bartz have all been announced as "trance" cameos and Odin and Leviathan will also be making their cameos as summon bosses.

Finally there are screens for the newly announced Crystal Drive system allowing players to chain attacks and call on summons for help.

Final Fantasy Explorers will release on December 18th in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS. You can check out all of the new screenshots below:

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