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Getting To Know Type-0's Ace, Queen, and Nine

Getting To Know Type-0's Ace, Queen, and Nine

Written by Lauren — 02 Feb 2015

We've had quite a few new trailers for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and now Square Enix has released a few more trailers that focuses on 3 of the main characters; Ace, Queen, and Nine.

Unfortunately for us, these new videos are all in Japanese, however it is nice to see glimpses of each of the characters and the gorgeous music from the game.

If you don't want to be spoiled though, we highly advise you don't watch these videos.

// Ace

Ace represents the number one of Class Zero whose weapon of choice is a deck of playing cards. Although Ace appears to be quite a relaxed character, his bio warns that he has quite a reckless side.

// Queen

Queen is number 12 of Class Zero and chooses the sword as her weapon. She is described as being wise and virtuous.

// Nine

Although his name makes it pretty obvious, Nine is number 9 of Class Zero and uses a spear against his foes. He is described as being rude and impulsive; preferring to act rather than think. Should make him an interesting character to work with.

(Check out our interview with Nine's voice actor here!)

That's it for the trailers. We'll keep you posted on any other information we get although there isn't much time left until Final Fantasy Type-0 HD releases in North America on March 17th. (March 20th in Europe).

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