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Brand New Hidden Movie For Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Brand New Hidden Movie For Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Written by Lauren — 23 Feb 2015

Director Hajime Tabata has announced that aside from the upgraded graphics, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be getting an all new secret hidden movie along with an additional costume.

There's no word on what players will have to do in order to unlock the new movie, but we're very excited to see what the team has in store for us as we get closer and closer to Type-0 HD's release date.

On top of that we've had a few new trailers released (so much for that final trailer *wink*). These ones are in the same format as the previous character spotlights. You can check out the new trailers below and if you wish to see the previous character spotlights, you can click here.

// Deuce

Deuce represents number 2 of Class Zero and is described as a diligent worker who is good-natured, but with a stubborn side. She wields a flute.

// Jack

Probably the happiest member of Class Zero, Jack represents number 11. He thrives on a positive attitude and regularly cracks jokes to lighten the mood. His weapon of choice is a katana.

// Seven

Although Seven appears to be as cold as the silver color of her hair, she actually is a quite caring member of Class Zero. She represents the number 7 anduses a Whipblade to take care of her enemies.

Final Fantasy Type-0 releases on March 17th in North America and March 20th in Europe.

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