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More Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Character Previews Released

More Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Character Previews Released

Written by Lauren — 06 Mar 2015

So we've had previews for Ace, Queen, and Nine, and then Deuce, Jack, and Seven. Now we have five more character previews for you to check out!

If you don't want to be spoiled though, we highly advise you don't watch these videos.

// Cater

Cater is an all or nothing sort of girl. She has a lot of confidence in herself and wears her heart on her sleeve. Because of that though, she's a pretty sore loser if things don't go her way. She uses a Magicite Pistol to fight her enemies. She represents the number 4.

// Cinque

Unlike many of the others, Cinque is described as unpredictable, but she also makes some astute observations to the surprise of her classmates. Despite how little she is, Cinque uses a large mace stating ""If I'm gonna beat down bad guys, I've gotta have a real big weapon to do the job right!" She represents the number 5.

// Machina

Unlike the others, Machina does not have a student number due to him being a new addition to Class 0. Despite that, he is described as being highly skilled in combat and because of this he uses Twin Rapiers in battle.

// Rem

Like Machina, Rem does not have a student number due to being a new addition to Class 0. Her and Machina were close childhood friends and because of that, Machina is very protective of her. She is described as being pure and kind. She's also a very poor liar. She uses Twin Daggers.

// Trey

Trey represents the number 3 of Class 0. He is a very calm and well-disciplined person offering help to anyone who might need it. Trey's weapon of choice is a bow.

That's it for the trailers. We'll keep you posted on any other information we get although there isn't much time left until Final Fantasy Type-0 HD releases in North America on March 17th. (March 20th in Europe).

To check out the other trailers for Type-0, you can do so by heading to our Youtube Channel.

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