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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD's Full English Voice Cast Posted Up

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD's Full English Voice Cast Posted Up

Written by Lauren — 17 Mar 2015

Square Enix has remained really tight lipped regarding which actors and actresses had been cast in the English version of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, but now Behind the Voice Actors has updated their site with the entire list.

You can see some of the ones that had already been announced along with the new additions. Of course we've already done an interview with Ace, Nine, and Deuce so be sure to check those out if you haven't already and stay tuned for more interviews in the future! Here are all the students of Class Zero:

Ace // Jonathon McClendon
Deuce // Bryce Hitchcock
Trey // Matthew Mercer
Cater // Kristin Klabunde
Cinque // Cristina Vee
Sice // Corri English
Seven // Najarra Townsend
Eight // Jeff Fischer
Nine // Orion Acaba
Jack // Cameron Covell
Queen // Heather Hogan
King // Mike Vaughn
Machina // Bryce Papenbrook
Rem // Peyton McCormick

For the full list, head over to Behind the Voice Actors.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD releases today in North America and on March 20th in Europe for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Behind the Voice Actors

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