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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Interview: Mark C. Hanson

 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Interview: Mark C. Hanson

Written by Lauren — 04 Apr 2015

Welcome everyone to another Final Fantasy Type-0 HD interview! This time with have Mark C. Hanson on the show who plays Qator Bashtar, one of the game's antagonists.

Mark C. Hanson's resume includes many tv appearances as well as roles in various commercials doing work for companies such as Chrysler and McDonald's among many others. Mark answers a bunch of our questions along with the ones you all submitted.

This interview is the first of a series of interviews that we're doing in collaboration with Square Enix. Darryl and Lauren are joined by Square Enix UK's community manager, Dan Seto.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted questions and if you'd like to ask a question for our next interview, keep a look out for our next questions request thread!

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