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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Interview: Bryce Papenbrook

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Interview: Bryce Papenbrook

Written by Lauren — 31 May 2015

Welcome all to another Final Fantasy Type-0 HD interview that us at Final Fantasy Union conducted with Square Enix. This time we're joined with Bryce Papenbrook who plays Machina Kunagiri.

Machina is one of the two new students to Class Zero along with Rem who is played by Peyton McCormick. Although Machina comes off very protective of Rem, his heart is still in the right place.

Bryce Papenbrook is a very popular voice actor primarily for anime and video games. You might recognize his voice from his roles in games like Dissidia (Zidane), Attack on Titan (Eren), Sword Art Online (Kirito) or Blue Exorcist (Rin Okumura). He is also the son of Bob Papenbrook who plays Rito Revolto in Power Rangers.


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