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Shantotto's 2nd Costume Unveiled: BLM AF Armour

Shantotto's 2nd Costume Unveiled: BLM AF Armour

Written by Darryl — 25 Nov 2008

A new scan has been unveiled in the latest edition of Shonen Jump Magazine which shows off some new information about Shantotto's appearance in Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

Not only will she be on the Side of Light, the team lead by Cosmos, she will also be using some staples of Final Fantasy XI's Black Mage class. Not only will she use Artifact Armour, she will also be using Ancient Magic.

The Ancient Magic she can use will be the Tier I spells avaiable to the Black Mage class in Final Fantasy XI; Quake, Freeze, Flare, Flood and Tornado. They will be accessible during Shantotto's EX-Burst (which is called Magic Burst).

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