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Nomura Has Faced Internal Opposition About Final Fantasy VII Remake Changes

Nomura Has Faced Internal Opposition About Final Fantasy VII Remake Changes

Written by Darryl — 25 Jun 2015

Ever since the announcement of the fabled Final Fantasy VII Remake at E3 2015, speculation has been rife amongst fans about potential changes to the original game. However, it doesn't seem as though that has been isolated to just fans, with staff within Square Enix also resistant to changing Final Fantasy VII.

Speaking in the latest edition of Famitsu magazine, Nomura spoke about opposing voices within the company and his thoughts about what it takes to work on the Final Fantasy franchise.

"There certainly are some staff who put too much of a focus on the 'Final Fantasy VII-ness' and are resistant to changing it," said Nomura. "But that Final Fantasy VII-ness isn't something you can easily point to and say 'that's it!' about, and it means different things for different people. I've got a lot of attachment to VII myself."

He continued by saying that "those feelings and being 'trapped' by the Final Fantasy of the past are two separate things. If you make up your mind, 'Final Fantasy is like this,' then you can't make Final Fantasy."

When probed further, Nomura explained that having a love for Final Fantasy isn't enough for creators. Instead, he feels a constant desire to improve is more important and that applies to the Final Fantasy VII remake too.

"I think that love for Final Fantasy alone isn't enough to make Final Fantasy. Someone who isn't satisfied with Final Fantasy can make it." Nomura continued by saying "A creator has to be someone who wants to change Final Fantasy, to surpass it."

It means that with the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Nomura, Kitase, Nojima and the rest of the individuals involved will be approaching this game as they did with the original Final Fantasy and every game before and after that point. They will be trying to make this the best game they possibly can, for this current moment in time.

Source: The Lifestream

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