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Final Symphony II's Track List Revealed

Final Symphony II's Track List Revealed

Written by Lauren — 24 Jul 2015

With less than 2 months left, the team behind Final Symphony II, a concert series dedicated to Final Fantasy music, has revealed what fans can expect from this year's concert.

Unlike Final Symphony which focused on Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X, Final Symphony II will focus on music from Final Fantasy V, VIII, IX, and XIII.

This concert will start up with an original piece by Jonne Valtonen called 'In a Roundabout Way - Fanfare' followed by 'Utopia in the Sky' which will be a Final Fantasy XIII medley featuring the game's Prelude, Vanille's Theme, Nautilus, and Blinded by Light.

'For the People of Gaia' will play next which is, of course, a track dedicated to Final Fantasy IX including Vivi's Theme, Festival of the Hunt, Mourning the Sky, and Assault of the Silver Dragon with possible 'unannounced' themes throughout. Final Fantasy IX is of course Uematsu's favorite work of his Final Fantasy career.

Final Fantasy VIII's dedication will be 'Mono no Aware' which will feature The Oath, Don't Be Afraid, Waltz for the Moon, and The Landing.

Finally, the concert will end with Final Fantasy V's medley 'Library of Ancients' which will feature Final Fantasy V's Main Theme, Reina's Theme, Spreading Grand Wings, and The Evil Lord X-Death.

Final Symphony II will premiere in Cologne, Germany on August 29th and in London, England on September 12th which according to the site is currently sold out.

For more information, check out Spielemusik Konzerte's Twitter page. Darryl and I will be in attendance so if you're going, give us a shout!

Source: RPG Site

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