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One More Dissidia Character Still To Be Announced

One More Dissidia Character Still To Be Announced

Written by Darryl — 30 Nov 2008

Initially the roster was announced at 20 characters, and this made sense; two from every title up to Final Fantasy X. However, the announcement of Shantotto completely threw this out of whack and people thought that at least one other character would be joining her, on the Side of Evil. Well, it turns out that those people thought correctly.

V-Jump Books have just put up a page to promote their Dissidia: Final Fantasy Destiny Hero's Guide, which will feature information on all of the characters, all 22 characters that is. Now, for the purpose of the game, both Cosmos and Chaos aren't playable characters, so that currently leaves the roster at 21.

Who will the 22nd character be? Well, logically it should be someone from Final Fantasy XI, so it could be Eald'narch; but I think most people would like to see a representative from Final Fantasy XII and who better than Judge Gabranth?

Source: V-Jump Books

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