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Final Fantasy XV Car's Radio May Feature Classic Final Fantasy Music

Final Fantasy XV Car's Radio May Feature Classic Final Fantasy Music

Written by Darryl — 10 Aug 2015

There has been a whirlwind of Final Fantasy XV news coming out of Gamescom and a new nugget relating to the car's radio has surfaced from an interview conducted by Famitsu, who were speaking to the core staff attending the show.

When asked if it will be possible to listen to music on the car's radio, Yoko Shimomura, the game's composer, said "I hope I could, since I love listening to music while I'm driving!".

This is where Tabata-san jumped in and said that "music from Final Fantasy could be possible [to listen to on the car's radio], since Square Enix has the copyright." He didn't stop there either as he said "other music would require some meetings, but I'll bring this back home."

Even if we were able to switch between some new pieces from Final Fantasy XV and classic Final Fantasy music, that would be an awesome little feature to have. If they could expand it to allow for custom music when driving, that would make the experience more natural and engaging. It would certainly make it a fantasy that's even closer based around reality.

what do you think, is this a feature they should press ahead with?

Source: GameFAQs

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