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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Now Available on PC

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Now Available on PC

Written by Lauren — 19 Aug 2015

As we reported a couple of months ago, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has arrived on Steam so now you can enjoy the game in all its glory on the PC.

Final Fantasy Type-0 follows the story of a team of cadets who specialize in various forms of combat to protect their school and its surrounding towns from the threat of war. It was originally released on the PSP in 2011, but was finally localized in March 2015.

This version will include the newly patched version of the game which includes an improbed in-game battle camera and scalable motion blur settings. You'll also be able to take a stab at the STEAM achievements and collect Final Fantasy Type-0 trading cards. There's also a blood level option inlcuded along with a character speed boost.

If you pre-ordered the game, you can enjoy some bonus characters in DOTA 2, including Mog as your ward.

If you have yet to play Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, you can purchase it on Steam and you can also check out our review on

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