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FFXII Gets Dissidia Love, FFXIII Gets Cold Shoulder

FFXII Gets Dissidia Love, FFXIII Gets Cold Shoulder

Written by Darryl — 02 Dec 2008

Dissidia: Final Fantasy's release is only just around the corner in Japan, so Famitsu felt it was a good time to hold an interview with four of the game's most high profile developers, including Tetsuya Nomura.

While there were some very interesting nuggets of information revealed in the internet (see below), such as the confirmation that there will be only 12 stages and that the Chaos characters won't have an individual story; the most interesting pieces came from questions about further characters that could be included in the game.

Nomura has stated that there will definitely be a Final Fantasy XII character featured in the game (if it's Judge Gabranth, we called it) and that Final Fantasy XIII definitely won't be in the game (maybe Dissidia II perhaps?).

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