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Director Hajime Tabata Discusses Fish, Music, and Luna in Latest TGS Interview

Director Hajime Tabata Discusses Fish, Music, and Luna in Latest TGS Interview

Written by Lauren — 22 Sep 2015

Now that Tokyo Game Show is over, Japanese publications are now releasing their interviews with Final Fantasy director Hajime Tabata which means we're getting even more information on the game's story and an expansion on the items discussed in the latest Active Time Report.

Starting with Famitsu's interview, here are some of the new bits of information that have been gathered thus far:

Legal Issues Might Keep Us From Using Our Own MP3s In-game

Although its been discussed in the past, Tabata has now said that there's more of a chance of us getting old Final Fantasy/Square Enix licensed music on Final Fantasy XV's radio than players' own MP3s. This is due to legal issues which are apparently very strict within European countries compared to US and Japan.

Chocobos Do What They Please

Depending on what greens you feed your chocobos, they will do one of two things, avoid enemy attacks or betray you and take you right into battle. The type of food will also affect the Chocobos stamina which will determine whether or not you're able to outrun your opponent as well. You won't be able to attack while mounted on a Chococbo and due to Black Chocobos being wild, you probably won't be able to ride them.

Still Standing By Moogle Omission

Much to some fans' dismay, Tabata said that when considering the luke warm responses from the crowd at this year's Tokyo Game Show, he is still adamant that Moogles will not play a prominent role in the game although he might reconsider if fans speak out about it enough online.

Fishing Records

Apparently there will be records for the sizes of fish caught while playing Final Fantasy XV. Currently the biggest fish you can catch is 1 metre. Guessing there will be some trophies related to this.

Lunafreya Is Keeping The World's Darkness In Check

As you progress through the game, you'll notice that the nights get longer. This is due to the "Plague of the Star" which Luna is trying her best to keep at bay thanks to her special powers as an oracle. Gentiana is also apparently a "special existence" rather than just an assistant to Luna.

What's With The Dog?

Apparently the dog is apparently a sort of messenger between Luna and Noctis. There is also a white dog that appears, but his importance has not yet been detailed.

DLC - Airships and Gilgamesh

As previously mentioned, Tabata is hoping to have some DLC within Final Fantasy XV which might include airships and a special Gilgamesh scenario. Tabata states his desire for fans to continue playing the game long after they've finished the main story so the Gilgamesh DLC might be a way of achieving that.

Final Fantasy Main Theme Might Make An Appearance

As it did in the special Final Fantasy teaser at the end of the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD trailer, composer Yoko Shimomura might be including her own rendition of the Final Fantasy main theme in the game along side other popular Final Fantasy themes like the Chocobo theme.

Noctis' Comrades Will Have Their Own Motivations

So essentially, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus will have their own little forms of entertainment while travelling. For example, Prompto apparently enjoys taking selfies and will do so during your travels. Gladiolus is a fan of learning new fighting techniques and will end up applying his new found techniques during his linked attacks.

No Meteor Investigation

The town of Lestallum has been mentioned in previous Active Time Reports as a town that's powered by the energy of a fallen meteor. Tabata has confirmed that this is not something that the party will be investigating as it's something that has been in place long before the events in the game.

Stay tuned for even more information on Final Fantasy XV at Tokyo Game Show 2015!

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