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Dissidia's Famitsu Review Is Out: 36/40

Dissidia's Famitsu Review Is Out: 36/40

Written by Darryl — 09 Dec 2008

With only a week until the game's release in Japan, everyone was waiting with baited breath for Famitsu's review to see whether the game would actually live up to the massive hype it's been generating and it seems as though it might just have done that.

They scored it 36/40 (10/9/9/8) and they had some positive, as well as some negative things to say about the game. They praised it for having a great story and a massive range of customisation which has near infinite possiblities. However, they were slightly disappointed with how difficult it is and feared that some people would struggle to grasp the concept of some actions in the game.

Needless to say, this is certainly a good start for the game and hopefully the sales reflect the good review its received from Japan's premier review source.

Source: FF7AC Reunion

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