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Final Fantasy Explorers Offers 21 Job Classes

Final Fantasy Explorers Offers 21 Job Classes

Written by Lauren — 19 Nov 2015

Final Fantasy Explorers is releasing in a bout 2 months time, and Square Enix has announced that there will be 21 job classes to explore in the game including 2 which were originally DLC in Japan.

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As usual, each job class offers you something different skillset wise and you'll be able to combine, switch, and level them up offering a lovely bit of customization.

Story-wise, Final Fantasy Explorers focuses on a group of warriors who are collecting pieces of a certain Grand Crystal. Something very reminiscent of the older Final Fantasy titles. There will be co-op mode , summons, and a trance system which features various Final Fantasy xharacters from the past including Terra, Lightning, and Squall.


Final Fantasy Explorers releases on January 26th in North America and Europe. Be sure to check out the Collector's Edition if you haven't already!

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