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Final Fantasy VI Coming To Steam Next Week

Final Fantasy VI Coming To Steam Next Week

Written by Alex Maine — 08 Dec 2015

Yes, it seems that Square Enix intend to answer your prayers. Last week, Pan European Game Information (PEGI) rated Final Fantasy VI for PC. It led many to speculate that VI was on it’s way to Steam, and it seems they were right. Today, Steam updated their store to display Final Fantasy VI available from December 16th. No information on pricing is currently available. My price point (and this is just a guess) will be $9.99 USD based on the previous releases.

So what can we expect from VI? To many user’s dismay, it’s the port of the mobile version. For some the updated sprites in the iOS and Android versions are an insult to the original pixel art. I myself am not blown away by the updated graphics and there are some inconsistencies in the other ports to steam that annoy users, such as non matching hair colours and outfits. Even so, many players will be happy to welcome this to their collection. Whatever the case, VI is a classic and argued by many as one of the best in series. Will you be picking these up on Steam?

Now, what about Final Fantasy X/X-2? Well it’s purely speculation at this stage but earlier this week the game was listed in Steam’s database but not on their store. It’s definitely coming, we just don’t know when. How can we be so sure? Because this is how we first knew VI was coming last week. The fact that there are traces of the game means we’ll get it eventually.

Again, you can pick up Final Fantasy VI on Steam starting December 16th. We'll keep you posted on Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster. Will you be picking these up on Steam?