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Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns Available Today on Steam

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns Available Today on Steam

Written by Alex Maine — 10 Dec 2015

PC gamers can rejoice once again, as Square Enix launches Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns on Steam. The final chapter in the saga (that we know of) is now available a special 10% discount at $17.99/£11.69.

Everyone has their own opinions of the XIII series, but personally I find Lightning Returns the perfect balance of all three games. The original title was rather linear and didn’t allow for exploration or much customization but had a good story. XIII-2 was the exact opposite of XIII it was light and airy and you could practically go wherever you wanted as long as you’d unlocked that timeline, but it lacked a sense of core story. Lightning returns on the other hand is like a hybrid. It has an interesting story, it’s open world and your character is highly customizable. It also tied up a lot of lose ends.

Is there anything different about the PC version? There sure is. The game will be available in 1080p and has numerous additional graphic settings allowing for a deeper and richer experience (obviously your own system spec will have a big effect on this). We can also expect a number of unique Schemata’s (outfits).

So should you pick up this title? Keep in mind that Steam’s Winter Sale is just around the corner. You may see a few pennies off this game, but you are unlikely to see any major discounts for the next few months, unless you pickup a third-party discount through one of many reputable re-sellers. If you haven’t already picked up the first two games in the series, you can undoubtedly expect a discount during the festive season, so you may want to hold fire.

Will you be replaying the series? Or jumping ahead to this title? Let us know in the comments!