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Symphonic Fantasies Coming To London, Tickets Now On Sale

Symphonic Fantasies Coming To London, Tickets Now On Sale

Written by Darryl — 11 Dec 2015

Following on from the hit success that was Final Symphony II a few months ago, Merregnon Studio are pleased to announce that the Barbican will be graced with their arrangements once again in October 2016 for Symphonic Fantasies.

Expanding outside of Final Fantasy, Symphonic Fantasies also looks to expand upon Square Enix's core franchise to include music from the Kingdom Hearts, Mana and Chrono franchises.

Each game franchise will be given a specific part of the performance, with the first and second acts given to Kingdom Hearts and Secret of Mana, while the third and forth acts will be for Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy as a whole.

Symphonic Fantasies will once again see Merregnon Studios team up with the London Symphony Orchestra, but this time they will be joined by the London Symphony Chorus, allowing them to take the performance to a whole new level.

Tickets are now on sale at the Barbican website, with the concert starting at 8pm on the 6th of October, 2016. There will also be a pre-concert talk with Yoko Shimomura, the composer on Kingdom Hearts and also Final Fantasy XV.

If you're in the UK and haven't had a chance to experience one of these concerts before, it's very much recommended. We may even see you there!

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