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Lightning On Her Louis Vuitton Campaign

Lightning On Her Louis Vuitton Campaign

Written by Lauren — 13 Jan 2016

You read that right. With Lightning's recent stint in Louis Vuitton, the Telegraph decided to interview the Final Fantasy XIII heroine and get her take on how it feels to be a Louis Vuitton model.

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"Though his style was new to me, the moment I laid eyes on his collection, it was as if I was hit by a bolt of lightning," Lightning stated. "I knew that with this, people could change. I could change."

Lightning went on to state that Nicolas Ghesquiere's collection (which Lightning models) fills her with a sense of 'serenity' and 'pride'.

When asked how it felt to be an LV ambassador, Lightning says that she's excited and that fashion is something that comes from within and it displays a bit of who you are inside.

Lightning also says that she will be out in a 'world of strife' once more, but that she will not be the same and that this campaign has helped her to evolve.

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