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Dissidia US Release Date Confirmed As Mid-2009

Dissidia US Release Date Confirmed As Mid-2009

Written by Darryl — 17 Dec 2008

At the time of Dissidia's release in Japan, no release date was set in stone for either North America or Europe and fans around the world were still holding their breath for an announcement.

This announcement has just come, the day after the game's release in Japan. Square Enix issued a press statement, but wouldn't be tied down to an actual date in the calender as they've announced that Dissidia's North American release date will be around the middle of the year in 2009.

Usually games are much quicker to reach Western shores than this, but it could be due to the game's extensive dialogue. However, this certainly doesn't look optimistic for European gamers, as they probably won't be seeing the game until towards the end of 2009. This isn't something unusual, but Square Enix promised that things were going to get better, not worse.

Source: IGN

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