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Mobius Final Fantasy Arriving In The West Soon

Mobius Final Fantasy Arriving In The West Soon

Written by Darryl — 04 Jun 2016

Soon good news for mobile gamers today, as legendary Final Fantasy creator Yoshinori Kitase has said that Mobius Final Fantasy will be arriving for Western gamers to play in the "not-so-distant future".

Speaking on the Final Fantasy Portal App on the 1st anniversary of Mobius Final Fantasy's Japanese release, Kitase said of a Western version "It's coming along!"

Mobius itself was a project that saw many prominent minds from the Final Fantasy franchise pool together in an unprecedented way for a Square Enix mobile title. The game was produced by Kitase, with Kazushige Nojima writing the story and Naoki Hamaguchi, one of the lead programmers on the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, acting as the game's director.

Music for the game was composed by Mitsuto Suzuki, who was one of the composers on Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns), while Toshitaka Matsuda, who was art director on Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings and served as the main art designer on the Final Fantasy XIII franchise, acting as art director.

It's coming along [the localisation of Mobius]! And we hope to have the game available in the not-so-distant future! Look forward to the announcement!

Yoshinori Kitase, 4 Jun 2016 via Final Fantasy Portal App

This move completes the set of localisations for the sought-after Japanese-exclusive mobile games that have been doing extremely well for Square Enix. The other two being Final Fantasy: Record Keeper and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, which was also just announced as being localised.

With E3 2016 just around the corner, we may end up hearing more about Mobius sooner rather then later. We know that Brave Exvius will be at the world's premium gaming show, so doing something relating to Mobius could be a good fit.

Source: Portal All

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