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Square Enix Hoping To Make World of Final Fantasy Figurines

Square Enix Hoping To Make World of Final Fantasy Figurines

Written by Darryl — 07 Jun 2016

There's been something of an information blowout today for World of Final Fantasy. Not only was there a new trailer published, but we also learnt when the game will be releasing! And thanks to a new interview by Dengeki Magazine in Japan, we now know a host of other pieces, including that Square Enix are hoping to make a range of figurines for the game.

According to the interview, the game, which is due to release in just over for months, is in its final stages of development. They are working on fine tuning and adjustments. An important part of this is that they want to make the game relatively care free. Therefore, you will be able to switch between dungeons/town at any point and even if you lose in battle you will just be teleported back to town with all your items and money intact.

They are comparing it to a main-series title, and estimate that there's over 100 hours of content for gamers to enjoy. Part of this will be the collection of Mirages, of which there are over 200.

The developers are conscious that with so many Mirages, some might get neglected, so they are actively looking at ways to encourage players to use and level them all up equally. However, it's safe to say that people will always have preferences!

Be sure to check out the new trailer before, and if you're in the UK, you can PRE-ORDER FROM AMAZON HERE!

Source: Hachima

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